Gewurztraminer 2016 grand cru Eichberg

Offers a full array of aromas! Full-bodied and ample, developing complex aromas of exotic fruit, flowers and spices. Bold and exuberant, often with a rounded flavour.

Truly wonderful as an aperitif, and also great to accompany exotic dishes and any highly-flavoured or spicy dish, as well as strong cheeses, and desserts, naturally.

The EICHBREG vineyards are located at the foot of the ‘Trois Châteaux’, facing south-east, and sheltered by the Vosges foothills. They are favoured by a particularly dry and warm micro-climate, with low rainfall.

The terroir is composed of conglomerates of limestone, Oligocene marls, sandstone scree, sometimes siliceous, clay and a great deal of gravel. The nature of the soil and the quality of the climate are well-suited.

The wines originating from this terroir are endowed with great opulence, revealing a remarkably fruity flavour…

These vintages are without doubt predisposed to great longevity, while maintaining their distinctive nature and flowery aromas.

Grand cru Eichberg