Gewurztraminer 2012, 2014, 2015 grand cru Pfersigberg

Offers a full array of aromas! Full-bodied and ample, developing complex aromas of exotic fruit, flowers and spices. Bold and exuberant, often with a rounded flavour.

Truly wonderful as an aperitif, and also great to accompany exotic dishes and any highly-flavoured or spicy dish, as well as strong cheeses, and desserts, naturally.

The PFERSIGBERG slopes are preserved from the influence of the oceanic climate thanks in part, to the imposing mountain massif, and also the particularly sunny hillsides facing south-east. The subsoil is composed of different types of very hard yellow and grey limestone. The marl-limestone soil which lies on this rock has a high concentration of limestone. This type of terrain, with a clay-loam texture, generates moderate water retention, and along with the colour of the soil and a low degree of humidity, this favours intense heat radiation, leading to very early maturity of the grapes.

The wines produced from the grapes grown on this terroir develop great richness, elegance and finesse.

These wines, and particularly the GEWURZTRAMINER, are distinctive in their fruity quality, their aromas and their longevity.

Grand cru Pfersigberg