Enseigne alsacienne

The Henri BRECHT Estate is located in Eguisheim, a medieval village 5 km south of Colmar.

Our vineyards are set in the heart the countryside, on gentle slopes of land devoted to the production of fine quality wines. It is as though this area, around the village of Eguisheim, was predestined by Mother Nature to cherish these vines, and the local inhabitants like to point to this area as being the cradle of the Alsace vineyards.

Eguisheim is also steeped in history. As a visitor, when you walk along the narrow streets of the old village, you cannot help but notice how its historical heritage has been preserved, with its numerous timbered houses decked with flowers, its castle (Château Saint Léon) and church bell tower dating back to the 13th Century. Pope Leo 9th was born here, and the village has lost nothing of its charm since those ancient times.

The present estate was established by Paul and Henri BRECHT in 1970.
The vineyards however, have belonged to the family since the 18th Century, handed down from one generation to the next.
Hence, to this day, each generation has passed on an incredible heritage of traditional know-how.

We are happy to perpetuate traditional wine-making methods in order to preserve the distinctive and fruity nature of our wines from the Alsace region.
We also endeavour to maintain a high standard of quality with eco-friendly wines made with ever-increasing respect for the environment.

It is the Romans who brought the tradition of wine-growing to this region in around 58 BC. They found the rich limestone-clay soils here, perfectly well-suited, and planted the first vines on the slopes where our Grands Crus vines still grow to this day.